Thursday, August 13, 2015

Excessive charges

Dear Sir,
I’m a long-standing customer of a leading telecommunications company in Qatar. Although I stay in the country only for a limited number of days every year for some personal reasons, I still keep my phone connection, choosing a reasonable monthly scheme. This connection is quite important to me as all my official records are registered under this phone number. 
Since I don’t use the phone much, it came as a rude shock for me to see the amount charged for one day’s (June 27) data usage recently. The amount was: QR1,724. I am sure that I hadn’t accessed my mobile data on that day. I have Wi-Fi both in my office and home so only rarely access my mobile data. So it remains a mystery to me why I received this excessive bill from the company for using data.
I have since shared my experience with others on the social media and many people say they have had  similar shocking experiences from the telecoms company. 
But most of the victims choose to remain silent and pay up. But this only helps create more such incidents. I believe that the telecommunications company should make sure that the client’s mobile data charges don’t exceed his/her credit limit so that at least the bill will not show an amount higher than that!

Abdul Azeez Manjiyil