Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Salute to Hamad and Rumilah

My nephew, Doha Bank Staff , who had been admitted to the emergency department HMC after a cardiac arrest last week. He has been discharged after week long treatment. HMC emergency department and Rumaila Heart Hospital service were really excellent and appriciatable. We salute for Rumaila medical team for their miracle services and treatment with Grace of the Almighty.

The incident was happened at march last week at Doha bank ground floor. Ambulance service reached within minutes and rush to HMC emergency and followed by Rumaila Heart emergency where He had been under gone with magic touch treatment in unbelievable time schedule.

We thankful to the kindness shown by brothers and sisters from all walk of life and Doha bank families various branches and department especially Doha Bank managing body those who stayed with us with support and the sincere prayers during the hard times.

This is again to thank you all for your kind support and let us all pray together to the Almighty for his speedy recovery. 

Thanking you ....
Abdul Azeez Manjiyil,
Uncle > Nalakath Karuvankazhil Yousef.