Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bus stop appeal to Mowasalat

Dear Sir,
Mowasalat’s public transport service is growing day by day in Qatar, with a steady increase in the number of people using it. The company, at this crucial juncture in its growth, should welcome public suggestions and consider them  to further improve and expand its services.
Mowasalat now has no bus stop between the Jaidah flyover and the Midmac roundabout. A few bus drivers do stop near the Jarir store out of kindness for people waiting there but most of them don’t stop because it is not an officially-declared stop.
Commuters  hope that Mowasalat would establish a proper bus stop near the Jarir store or at some other point between Jarir and the Midmac roundabout. It will be very useful for a large number of people.
The irony is that while Mowasalat’s highly-trumpeted transport service on the Salwa Road is running with almost empty buses,  people are walking in dusty and hot weather looking desperately for a ride on the route.

Azeez Manjiyil,